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At Morii Associates Pte Ltd, we understand the challenges faced by multinational companies in managing their global tax liabilities and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving transfer pricing regulations. With over 12 years of experience, our expert team led by Mitsuru Morii, former director at the Big 4, offers a comprehensive suite of transfer pricing services tailored to your unique business needs.


Our Transfer Pricing Services Include:

Transfer Pricing Policy Development

Let us help you create a robust transfer pricing policy aligned with IRAS guidelines and global best practices. Our expert advice will enable you to manage transfer pricing risks proactively and optimize your global tax position.

Transfer Pricing Documentation and Compliance

Stay compliant with Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) and international tax regulations by maintaining robust transfer pricing documentation. Our team will conduct thorough functional and risk analysis, comparability analysis, and benchmarking studies to ensure your intercompany transactions adhere to the arm’s length principle.

Transfer Pricing Planning and Optimization

Enhance your business’s tax efficiency by leveraging our expert insights and innovative transfer pricing strategies. We identify opportunities to optimize your tax burden while ensuring compliance with local and international tax laws.

Transfer Pricing Audits and Dispute Resolution

Safeguard your business interests with our expertise in handling transfer pricing audits and disputes. We will represent you before tax authorities, negotiate on your behalf, and provide strategic guidance to resolve disputes effectively.

Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs)

Eliminate uncertainty and secure peace of mind by obtaining an APA with tax authorities. Our team will assist you in negotiating and obtaining APAs, ensuring a clear and consistent transfer pricing methodology for your business.
At Morii Associates Pte Ltd, our dedicated transfer pricing professionals combine their extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and personalized approach to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Let us help you navigate the complexities of transfer pricing, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.
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Why Choose Morii Associates

Partnering with Morii Associates for your Transfer Pricing Services needs means you'll benefit from:

  • Experience You Can Trust

    Over 12 Years of Excellence in Transfer Pricing and Accounting Services.

  • Expert Guidance from a Former Big 4 Director

    Mitsuru Morii's Leadership Ensures Quality and Precision.

  • Tailored Solutions for Global Businesses

    Comprehensive Transfer Pricing Services to Meet Your Unique Needs.

  • Your Success is Our Priority

    Proactive Strategies and Personalized Support to Optimize Your Tax Position.

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FAQs on Transfer Pricing Services

What is the arm's length principle in transfer pricing?

The arm's length principle is the cornerstone of transfer pricing regulations. It requires that transactions between related parties or subsidiaries within a multinational corporation be conducted at the same price as if they were independent parties in a comparable situation. This ensures that profits are allocated fairly among the different entities and jurisdictions, and prevents tax evasion or base erosion through artificial pricing arrangements.

How does Morii Associates Pte Ltd determine the appropriate transfer pricing method for my company?

Our team of transfer pricing experts will analyze your company's specific circumstances, including the nature of the transactions, functions, risks, and assets involved. Based on this analysis, we will select the most appropriate transfer pricing method, in line with IRAS guidelines and international best practices, to ensure your related-party transactions are consistent with the arm's length principle.

Are transfer pricing regulations the same in every country?

While many countries follow the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines as a basis for their regulations, each country may have its specific rules, documentation requirements, and penalties for non-compliance. Our team at Morii Associates Pte Ltd stays up-to-date with the latest developments in transfer pricing regulations, ensuring that your company remains compliant with the applicable rules in each jurisdiction where you operate.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with transfer pricing rules?

Non-compliance with transfer pricing regulations can lead to significant penalties, including fines, interest charges, and adjustments to taxable income. In some cases, tax authorities may also impose reputational damage and increased scrutiny for future tax audits. Our team at Morii Associates Pte Ltd will work with you to ensure your transfer pricing policies and documentation meet all regulatory requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

How can Morii Associates Pte Ltd help me optimize my company's global tax burden?

We offer transfer pricing planning and optimization services, which involve identifying opportunities to improve your company's tax efficiency while maintaining compliance with local and international tax laws. Our experts will analyze your existing transfer pricing policies, structures, and transactions, and recommend changes to optimize your global tax position.

What is the role of Morii Associates Pte Ltd in transfer pricing audits and dispute resolution?

Our team of experts will represent your company during transfer pricing audits conducted by tax authorities, prepare responses to inquiries, and develop strategies to defend your transfer pricing positions. In case of disputes, we will help negotiate and resolve disagreements with the tax authorities, ensuring that your interests are protected and potential penalties are minimized.

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