Best Factors for Establishing a Singapore Holding Company

Many globally recognized enterprises function using a holding company framework. To decide whether establishing a Singapore holding company is the right choice for you, it is crucial to comprehend the concept of a holding company and the unique advantages it offers in Singapore.
Explore further to understand the merits and potential obstacles of creating a holding company structure in Singapore, and determine if it aligns with your business objectives. For tailored assistance in setting up a Singapore holding company or evaluating if a holding company structure suits your enterprise, click “Get in Touch” below.

How to Set Up a Singapore Holding Company

If you do decide to move forward with establishing a holding company, your objectives will dictate the right type and structure for it.

Types of Holding Companies

There are only two types of holding companies in Singapore: investment and financial. Each has its own particular registration criteria, but there’s not much difference in terms of taxation:


  • An investment holding company is the default structure for companies operating outside the finance, banking, and insurance industries;
  • A financial holding company is meant for owning subsidiaries operating in the finance, banking, and insurance industry.

Types of Corporate Structures

Singapore holding companies can be registered under certain corporate structures available in Singapore, such as private limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnerships, etc. In most situations, a private limited company (i.e. a corporation) is the best option due to its separate legal status, its members’ limited liability, and its eligibility for many tax-cut schemes as explained above.

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